Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Snippets

As bad as I am about not finishing things or changing my mind about doing things, I didn't intentionally skip October's Snippets of Story. I happened to get sick in the early part of the month, and didn't write anything worth sharing until the last week of it. This month's Snippets come rather late simply because I'm rather fastidious about editing my first drafts before letting anyone read them!

Rose at this instant became aware of the observers, and her face flooded with color. She turned with slightly overdone carelessness toward the wall, and touched the petals of a half-blown pink rose with her fingertips as if the flowers, and not her companion, were her primary interest at the moment.

~ The Oldest Flame: A Mrs. Meade Mystery

Away to the left, the valley was falling into shadows of muted color with occasional spangles of light on the tops of the trees, and the clouds above it on the western skyline were a white and gold glory almost too bright to look at. Mrs. Meade, knowing full well that nothing she said was of any consequence, talked on gently about the loveliness of the flowers and about the sunset, while Mark, his eyes searching ahead of them, murmured an occasional indistinct word of agreement without even hearing what it was he was answering.

~ The Oldest Flame: A Mrs. Meade Mystery

“You mustn’t ever think I mind being made a confidant, if that’s what you are suggesting,” said Mrs. Meade. 
Mrs. Lansbury laughed. “Very well! You may consider yourself established as the official confidant of our party. I just hope”—and her smile may have been slightly shadowed with unease—“that we won’t have too much need of you.”

~ The Oldest Flame: A Mrs. Meade Mystery

All the windows on the ground floor were bright with that terrible orange radiance as the group of women made their way across the lawn, picking their steps over the dew-wet grass in the wavering light the fire threw, and huddled together near the flower border on the far side.

~ The Oldest Flame: A Mrs. Meade Mystery

Royal grunted again. “He’d have had to be pretty far gone. What kind of idiot sets his own house on fire?”
“Well, it’s rather less audacious then setting someone else’s house on fire,” said Mrs. Meade.
~ The Oldest Flame: A Mrs. Meade Mystery

Sheriff Royal, incidentally, has become one of my favorite characters to write. He's just so much fun! I see him as playing the Japp or Lestrade type of role, but he can also be a friend you'd want to back you up in a pinch. In any case, he always provides an added jolt of energy for both me and the story when he appears on the scene.


Kelsey Bryant said...

Great snippets! I love the second one especially, "...the valley was falling into shadows of muted color with occasional spangles of light on the tops of the trees, ..." and the characterization that follows. But all of them are so gracefully written and certainly pique my interest in the rest of the story. What number is this in the Mrs. Meade series?

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Thank you! This one's actually meant to be #3 in the series—I had the outline all worked out for it while I was still stuck plotting #2, so I decided to just go ahead and write it.

J.T. Webster said...

Great snippets, Elisabeth. I particularly liked the 'terrible orange radiance'. I could just see it so clearly. I'm looking forward to the next book.