Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fresh Starts

Holidays have come and gone and the new year has arrived. Much as I love Christmas, when the first few days of January roll around I'm eager to start fresh with new plans, new schedules, new ideas. I'm even trying out a new blog font size.

Christmas was filled with pleasant surprises, notably one from my parents that took me completely by surprise—a new Kindle Paperwhite! It is so much fun to use. When I had finished setting it all up and sorting my books into collections, I wanted to take them all out just for the fun of putting them back in again. Oh, well, I suppose that's what buying new books is for...

My resolutions for the year, if they can be called such, are simple enough to be summed up in four words: eat less, write more. To be specific, I want to finally write a full-length novel this year, or at least get a good start on writing one. I have a short-term writing goal for the month of January, which is to write the second Mrs. Meade story. After that I need to choose between several potential novel ideas, and settle down seriously to the business of researching and outlining. I made a start the other day by showing my sister the quick one-line synopses I wrote for my five ideas, and the ones she chose as most interesting were the two I personally felt were the best, which I regarded as a good sign!

So here's to the new year, new projects and new adventures. I'm excited about them. Are you?


Melissa Marsh said...

I'm ready for the new year! After the Christmas letdown (everyone in my family got sick), a quiet New Year's Eve, and a year that saw a LOT of ups and downs, I'm looking forward to what this new year has in store. I also intend to write more, too. :)

J.T. Webster said...

Your new Kindle sounds great! Nothing like books for Christmas.
All the best for the novel writing. I look forward to hearing about your progress.

I like the new-look blog.