Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Musical Interlude: Winter Wonderland

It is unquestionably the most wonderful time of the year when it comes to music. This is the time of year when you can turn on the radio and be at least 75% sure of hearing something you know and like. When you never run out of things to sing and to sing along with.

As far as instrumental versions of Christmas songs go, the Cincinnati Pops have some of the best. I never even liked "The Christmas Song" until I heard their lovely instrumental version from Christmas With the Pops. And I can't get enough of this swinging version of "Winter Wonderland"—I've been playing it over and over again.


J.T. Webster said...

Hi Elisabeth, thanks for sharing such lovely music.

I read your new short story, Some Christmas Camouflage, yesterday. What a great story, I really enjoyed it. Reminded me of O. Henry. :) Well done.

Hannah Scheele said...

I love Christmas music. When I hear it in the stores it gets me in the holiday spirit--especially if it's vintage-ey Bing Crosby type stuff. Beautiful. :)

Hamlette said...

Very fun!

I'm going to try to convince my husband to buy the new Piano Guys Christmas album. He's going to say I have enough Christmas music already, and I'm going to contend that there ain't no such thing. Wish me luck!