Thursday, February 20, 2014

Coming Attractions: More Mrs. Meade

It's nice sometimes to have an editing project on the shelf to fall back on when you run into just-one-of-those-weeks when conditions are not favorable for "real writing." This particular week, I seem to have misplaced about five hours of sleep and can't find them anywhere. So The Summer Country still stands right where it did last week (right at a crucial almost-halfway point!), but I have been devoting my energies—what's left of them, anyway—to bringing you The Oldest Flame: A Mrs. Meade Mystery. The official release date is now March 1st, 2014! So I've been formatting and checking italics and proofreading and tweaking a last sentence or two, and it's nearly set to go.

On an even more exciting note—and I know some of you out there have been waiting for this—the Mrs. Meade Mysteries will soon be available in paperback! The Mrs. Meade Mysteries, Volume 1, which will contain the first three entries in the series, will be released sometime in March. I've got a lot of the interior formatting prepared already, and I cannot wait to hold this book in my hands. My wonderful cover designer Jennifer Quinlan provided me with some special fonts to match the exterior design, and I'm thrilled with the way they look. So keep an eye out for announcement of the official release date!


Rachel Heffington said...

So looking forward to the paperback version! I'm such a snob--I refuse to own e-books. But paperback is another thing entirely, and I have been wanting to read these! Yippee!

Elizabeth Rose said...

The first paperback volume of the Mrs. Meade Mysteries will be my incentive to finally get around to reading these stories. They sound like the perfect thing for a summer day with many hours to devote to reading. :)

Hannah Scheele said...

:) Nice.
But please keep on the The Summer Country. It sounded so good. :)