Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Meanwhile, back at the writing-desk...

I'm busily at work revising Corral Nocturne right now, so such prosaic things as blog posts are falling by the wayside a bit. When once I get back into the swing of a project, especially after a long drought, it is hard to pry me away from my notebooks for anything whatsoever. I will be posting the answers to the Western movie quote quiz on Saturday—but I must say (in my best Captain Renault voice) I am shocked, shocked, that there haven't been more entries! Clearly I have a lot of work to do in making Western fans of you all.

If you're really anxious to read something written by me in the meantime, you can click over to The Western Online, where I have a new interview up about Left-Hand Kelly, favorite Western movies and novels, and more.

(Or I suppose you could just buy one of my books.)


Sandra Stiles said...

I grew up on westerns. It was one of the approved programs we were allowed to watch. Still like watching them on the rare occasion I watch TV. It's tough finding western fiction written for the younger crowd as well. I'm a middle school teacher and occasionally have students who love westerns.

Hamlette said...

Nice interview! I've put LHK on my Amazon wish list :-D