Saturday, July 12, 2014

Western Movie Quote Quiz: Answers

Here's the answers to the Western movie quote quiz of a couple weeks ago. The winner of the game is Sandra Stiles, who identified all the movies and named 15 out of 17 actors correctly, for a total of 30 points!

1) “They must have rode all over the territory to get that many brand-new hats.” ~ John Wayne in The Cowboys (1973)

2) “He also said he was the teacher’s pet of a chowder-headed mick sergeant. What’s that mean, doc?” ~ Harry Carey, Jr. in Rio Grande (1950)

3) “Well, if’n you don’t come back, me ’n’ Joe’ll have us a good cry.” ~ Walter Brennan in Rio Bravo (1959)

4) “A long time ago I made me a rule—I let people do what they want to do.” ~ John Wayne in Hondo (1953)

5) “Be down at the old oak tree near Boot Hill at twelve o’clock sharp for your hanging. And bring your own rope.” ~ Harry Morgan in The Apple Dumpling Gang (1974)

6) “Well, I guess you can’t break out of prison and into society in the same week.” ~ John Wayne in Stagecoach (1939)

7) “My mother didn’t raise any sons to be making guesses in front of Yankee captains.” ~ Ben Johnson in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949)

8) “I have been offered a lot for my work, but never everything.” ~ Yul Brynner in The Magnificent Seven (1960)

9) “I’m only temporary.”
       “You’re more temporary than you think.” ~ Anthony Perkins and Henry Fonda in The Tin Star (1957)

10) “Just one thing, ma’am. If you’re dead set on making this trip to Texas, you’re going the wrong way.” ~ Jimmy Stewart in The Rare Breed (1966)

11) “What does ‘unprepossessing’ mean?”
         “I was called that once, Lem. Looked it up in the dictionary. It’s best you don't know what it means.” ~ Uncredited actor and John Wayne in McClintock! (1963)

12) “And if you don’t hear my first holler, you better read my mind, because I don’t aim to raise no two hollers on any subject at hand.” ~ Ward Bond in The Searchers (1956)

13) “I was just askin’ about sody pop...pigs and taters and one thing and another.” ~ Ben Johnson in Shane (1953)

14) “I saw you! I saw you strike that poor man!”
         “Yes, ma’am. Just as hard as I could.” ~ Elisabeth Risdon and John Wayne in Tall in the Saddle (1944)

15) “I don’t like to see things go good or bad. I like ’em in between.” ~ Hank Worden in Red River (1948)


Sandra Stiles said...

Yea! I got most everything correct. Shane was the first western novel I ever read and loved. The Apple Dumpling Gang (which I still have on video) was the first humorous western I shared with my children. I grew up in a society where we played cowboy/cowgirls. We had toy guns and were always fighting the "bad" guys. I'm glad to see there are people still writing westerns because we have a gap that needs to be filled and kids and adults that need to reconnect. I have purchased and I'm hoping to start Left Hand Kelly over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the fun.

Hamlette said...

I can't believe I missed #3!

Clearly, I need to get back to watching a western a week. My education has been sorely neglected of late!